the Disheveled Gentleman

the Disheveled Gentleman

First, I would like to say thank you and welcome! If you come across this weird guy with a smile on his face talking beard care with random strangers in a parking lot, don’t worry. It’s just me converting one customer at a time.

I have ordered tons of beard products in my time and they all left me with much to be desired. In 2020, I founded disheveled Gentleman in a kitchen located in Crown Point, Indiana (USA). As a chemistry major in college, and a backyard super chef, I figured why not do a bunch of research and figure this out. The process has had its ups and downs, but it is a great feeling when a plan comes together.

We strive in owning a business that provides transparency to our customers. Come join us in this business venture by following our Instagram page.


Eliminate the confusion around men’s grooming by providing relevant (High Quality) products and insights to customers while having fun.


Use breakthrough, non-traditional marketing and customer acquisition through targeted messaging. We seek to building positive professional relationships.